7 Top Features of Long Gaming Desk: Buying Guide

Time for the next level? If you set up a gaming room, a good long gaming desk should not be missing. It forms the basis for your setup. Accordingly, you need an individual solution that stows your equipment well and keeps it close at hand.

Long Gaming Desk

In our buying guide we go into the most important properties that you can choose from. Find the best gaming desk in minutes.

What makes a long gaming desk so special?

 It's about combining the greatest possible comfort with absolute minimalism. When quick reactions are required, nothing should stand in the way. In addition, sitting for hours often calls for an ergonomically well thought-out solution.

In addition, there are some extras that make the gaming desk perfect. We explain below what these are and what else you should pay attention to when buying.


Advantages of long gaming desk at a glance:

  • Minimal design, maximum space
  • Including cable management
  • Height adjustable for optimal gaming while sitting and standing
  • Robust design for high resilience
  • Numerous solutions to meet your needs

Buying Advice: 5 Things to Consider When Buying Gaming Desks

Time to shop! In order to optimally choose your gaming desk, you should define the following criteria for yourself:


A long gaming desk can be equipped with various advantages. You have to decide which one suits your needs.

Height-adjustable: In more and more YouTube videos you can see that gamers are filming themselves with their facecam while standing. Even if this is not your goal, the height adjustment is very convenient. Thanks to this mechanism, every gamer can play with the greatest possible comfort. There is a choice between a hand crank and the electrical solution.

Extra keyboard shelf: a matter of personal taste. Your gaming desk can have a pull-out or rigid keyboard tray. This gives the worktop more storage space for monitors and physical well-being. However, you are further away from the screen.

Cable management in long gaming desk 

 If a gamer has a lot of something, it's cables. PC, monitors, keyboard, mouse, and gamepads - the list is very long. Therefore, your future long gaming desk should have clever cable management. These are moved upwards on a separate rail or via suspensions. So everything is in the air and your feet cannot get caught in the tangled cables.

Illuminated: Some models have built-in LED strips. If necessary, these can be controlled in order to create the desired lighting mood.

Desk for the corner: Does the gaming desk only fit into a corner due to space restrictions? Then you will find suitable solutions for this too. Here, too, it is essential to measure beforehand whether the table and all devices would fit.

Angled leading edge: a little luxury should not be missing. The beveled front edge makes your forearm more comfortable.

 long gaming desk 2021

Other extras: During our research we found integrated cup holders and hangers for your gaming headset . A raised platform for the monitors would also be conceivable.

Long gaming desk materials

You can choose a model made entirely of aluminum or stainless steel. However, it is important to consider the noise level. Metallic surfaces are also not very scratch-resistant.

We researched many long gaming desks and mostly found a different combination. The frame is made from a steel frame. This gives it a decent weight and thus the necessary stability. Pressed pulpwood is used as the worktop. A thick, high-quality and washable coating is important here.

Important: Do not choose a worktop that is too thin. Due to the often high overall length, it must offer sufficient load capacity.

Dimensions / height of long gaming desk

Passionate gamers need space for two to three monitors. This allows them to split up the action. Gaming, chat history or streaming and one more for occasional research. Accordingly, you should choose dimensions that suit your equipment. The range varies a lot from the XXL long gaming desk to the compact version for just one monitor.

You can measure the working height in advance. Your arms should rest at a right angle on the back of your gaming chair. The heels of your hands are then at about the same height on the desktop.

If you want to decide freely and if more than one person will use this desk, a height-adjustable model is ideal. The few euros more for an electrical control system is worthwhile in order to be able to do without a hand crank.

Ideal weight of gaming desks

Lightweight long gaming desk models should be selected if you want to set up the setup in a different location every now and then. This is the case when you want to travel to traditional LAN parties or competitions.

For the home it should be as heavy as possible. When gambling, the emotions can boil up. If your desk doesn't hold up, the equipment can easily fall off.


For many gamers, optics is negligible. Which is why most gaming desks are very simple. Black wins the popularity award. It should be noted that the surface is not reflective. Otherwise light could reflect and disturb the eye at the crucial moment.

The absolute rarity: a gaming desk in white! This guarantees that you stand out from the crowd.

Conclusion on the gaming desk

Long, entertaining sessions need the best possible gaming desk. Which one is suitable for this depends on your individual ideas. Do you see yourself as a purist who only needs a compact format or would you like something a little luxury?

It all depends on your needs. Because a long gaming desk is sold to you in various versions. In any case, make sure that the materials are of high quality. It is up to you whether you need a holder for a drinking cup and headset.

Thanks to the large community, you will find some reviews on almost all gaming desks on the net. In the course of this guide you will find some bestsellers as well as particularly favorable offers. Now is the time to get the job done!

How can I build a gamer desk myself?

Many gamers use solid feet made of powder-coated stainless steel for their own construction. On top of it comes to worktop from the hardware store. So you can have the length of the plate cut to the desired size. The only important thing is then an edge protection made of aluminum or something similar.