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HopeRacer is a premium gaming chair company, that was made and developed by gamers. Our brand has humble beginnings, we started with Amazon and Walmart. It seems that every brand now starts on Amazon, but for us as a brand why not utilise the second largest search engine after Google? After about a year or so we hit our first milestone being in the Top 10 in Amazon and ever since then we haven’t looked back. We are now coming into our 4th year since beginning in late 2017 early 2018. 

Our most recent focus has been developing our Website and in the near future we hope to further expand to new international markets. Nevertheless, our biggest focus has and always will be creating the best products within the gaming world. Ultimately, it was our love of gaming that started this whole endeavour! In our spare time when we aren’t running a business, we have the headset on playing World Of Warcraft. We know what matters when it comes to comfort. Not only is it our jobs but also we know how carried away in the game we can get.

In 2017 the whole vision came to us while playing WoW, we were just sat at a poor quality home office desk and an even worse basic chair gaming. At this time gaming was blowing up, large prize fund competitions etc. We watched a live stream of a tournament and saw the set up and quality of the competition. Bucket seat chairs, LED lighted desks, the newest headsets, gaming had gone mainstream and added some sexy features. We both had some funds in the bank and that very night we said we can do better and the gaming industry is only going to get bigger. Little did we know that in 2019 Twitch rebranded, live stream gaming went more mainstream and Amazon acquiring Twitch in 2014 was beginning to pay off. We have been riding this wave ever since and we are excited with the rise of crypto currencies to see where gaming goes?

Lastly, let us tell you the origin of our brand name. We founders have been friends since childhood and we both used to live on Hope Street in an undisclosed town in the US. Next racing is synonymous with the gaming industry. So there you have it HopeRacer, born from a long term friendship and love of gaming.

Enough about us, drop by and say hello on Instagram @hoperacerofficial.