Our History



In 2017 the whole vision came to us, we were just sat at a poor quality home office desk and an even worse basic chair gaming. That evening we both watched a live stream of a tournament and saw the quality of the competition. Each player had a custom team gaming chair, LED lighted desks, all hardware was Alienware including headsets. Gaming had gone mainstream and added some sexy features. We wanted to have the tournament experience with the best gaming gear in our homes. That was the founding idea for HopeRacer and it still is today.


At HopeRacer, quality is at the forefront of everything we design and sell. Everybody involved in HopeRacer is a gaming enthusiast first and foremost. We're passionate gamers who spend a considerable amount of time sitting down, just like you. We've played in a variety of different chair designs and observed different levels of comfort. But there was always this nagging feeling at the back of our minds. Could we design and sell better quality gaming chairs?


To start HopeRacer we took our two professions in design and marketing to good use. We started with a simple gaming chair design and added a few must-have components that we wanted. We then initially launched on Amazon. We are now coming into our 4th year since beginning in late 2017 early 2018.


During these action-packed years, our focus hasnt altered, as we have designed and created more gaming chairs and accessories we have listened to the phenomenal feedback from our customers. You, our customers have given us and our team more ideas than we know what to do with! Because of this, it has pushed us to embody our philosophy of tournament quality for your home. In every film and game, there is a hero, our customers are our heroes, there is always hope! For your countless dedication to your craft and wanting to constantly improve. This inspiration gives HopeRacer the energy to grind harder.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create a range of chairs and accessories that take your gaming experience to the next level and bring the tournament experience to your home. In amongst the 4 years as a company, we have also seen the urgency to create products which support our customers further. With gaming hours rising it has become even more important for us as a gaming company to create ergonomic, health-promoting gaming chairs for the countless hours spent sitting down doing what you love. This has also lead us to create other accessory ranges which bring the tournament experience to your home. So whether you are winning or losing there is always hope!

Here, at HopeRacer, we have worked tirelessly to position our brand streets ahead of our competitors. Our dedicated focus on stylish, colorful, and sustainably sourced materials makes HopeRacer a leading light in the gaming world. We consistently reach out to our customers and ask them for their opinions. So, we can continue to provide our consumers with an extraordinary experience.

We ensure that with every purchase, you receive premium equipment. We realize that the more comfortable you are in your chair, the longer you will get lost in the magic of gaming.

Our dedicated team also offers you 100% customer service satisfaction. All our chairs come with an 12-month warranty and a professional after-sales service for added peace of mind.

So, if you're ready for the fun and games to begin, sit back, get comfortable, and click the link below to shop our range of chairs. Your gaming paradise awaits you now!