Why Buy From Us

HopeRacer began in 2018 and since then we have grown and learned a lot. From our first chair prototypes to expanding our range to desks, keyboards and headsets. It has been one hell of a ride! Throughout this time, from idea to conception, our first product and now our multiple ranges we have always had one focus. That focus is the best technology at an affordable price. 

It all started with that basic office chair in late 2017 when we were shuffling around every few minutes trying to get comfortable. From that moment when we began HopeRacer we had to learn about the technology and components of every product to offer you the customer the best product experience. From this our brand has grown to centre around 4 core values.


The best brands have a long history because of the quality of their products. At HopeRacer quality is at the centre of everything we design and create. We ensure the highest level of workmanship and QC to thoroughly test all designs beyond the industry standards. This is why each year our customer community continues to grow.


As gamers we have an advantage knowing the little nuances and ways to improve designs. We fully utilise this advantage for all our product ranges. It’s these intuitive little features which make our products stand out amongst the crowd


Everything we make, we want it to accentuate your enjoyment. When your gaming chair is super comfortable you will play better and just enjoy your time more.


Sustainability is intertwined with quality. When you purchase our products we want them to last a long long time. We don’t believe in fast paced consumerism, we are witnessing the after effects of that everywhere. To achieve a long product life and ultimate sustainability we use the best materials available and ensure they are ethically sourced.

A further advantage HopeRacer has is that we are a direct to consumer brand. We don’t have the added costs or hassles of dealing with wholesalers and retailers. This means you get higher quality at an affordable price. The savings we are able to make dealing directly with suppliers is therefore transferred to you our customers. More importantly we also only work with rigorously tested suppliers that share the same values as HopeRacer.

Lastly, we are big believers in amazing customer service. We only employ the best customer service representatives to help our customers. So whether you have a question, thank you or problem we are always there to assist you.

Thanks to every customer that has purchased one of our products. What started as a simple idea has now surpassed our wildest expectations.