Privacy Policy

Your trust is very important to us, and we know the importance of personal information to you. We will take corresponding security protection measures according to the requirements of laws and regulations, and try our best to protect your personal information safe and controllable.In view of this, we develop this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "This Policy / this Privacy Policy"). If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the contents of this Policy, you can contact us through the various contact information we provide.
One,How do we collect and use your information
The personal information you need to collect and use when you need / may need to use with our products and / or services includes the following two types:
1. You must authorize the necessary information to collect and use, to provide you with our products and / or services.If you refuse to provide the appropriate information, you will not be able to use our products and / or services normally;
2. To achieve additional functions to provide you with our products and / or services, you may choose to authorize the information we collect and use.If you refuse to provide it, you will not be able to use the relevant additional functions or achieve the functions we intended, but will not affect your normal use of the basic functions of our products and / or services.
You understand and agree that the:
1. We are committed to building a wide variety of products and services to meet your needs.Because we have many kinds of products and services to provide you, and the specific product / service scope that different users choose to use, the basic / additional functions and types and scope of personal information collected and used will vary, the specific product / service function shall prevail;
2. In order to bring you a better product and service experience, we continue to strive to improve our technology, and we may from time to time introduce new or optimized features from time to time, and may need to collect, use new personal information or change the purpose or way personal information is used.In this regard, we will separately explain to you the collection purpose, scope and use method of the corresponding information by updating this policy, pop-up window and page prompts, and provide you with the way of independent choice and consent, and collect and use it after obtaining your express consent.In the process, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can contact us through our various contact information, and we will answer for you as soon as possible.

We will collect and use your personal information to implement the functions described in this policy:
(1) Features necessary for realizing the product
1. Help you become our member
In order to register as a member to use our membership service, you need to provide your mobile phone number, the membership name to use, and your password to create our platform account.During the membership process, if you provide the following additional information to complete your personal information, it will help us to provide you with more personalized membership services such as membership birthday privileges: your real name, gender, date of birth, place of residence, your real profile picture.But if you do not provide this information, it will affect your use of personalized membership services, but it will not affect the basic browsing, search functions using our products or services.If you only need to use browsing, search services, you do not need to register as our member and provide the above information.
(2) Provide you with goods, commodity publication or service information display
During your use of our service, to identify the account exception status, understand product suitability, and provide you with page displays and search results that better fit your needs, we may automatically collect your usage and store them as web log information, including:
Equipment Information: We will receive and record information about your equipment (including equipment model, operating system version, equipment settings, unique equipment identifiers, hardware identifiers, equipment environment), equipment location (including your authorized GPS location, WLAN access points, Bluetooth and base stations) based on your software installation and / or use.
Service Log Information: When you use products or services provided by our website or client, we automatically collect your detailed use of our services as a service log, including browsing, click to view, search query, collection, add to shopping cart, transaction, after sales, focus sharing information, release information, and IP address, browser type, telecom operator, language, access date and time.
Note that separate device information, service log information are information that cannot identify the identity of a specific natural person.If we combine this kind of non-personal information with other information to identify a specific natural person identity, or use it with personal information, during the combined use, this kind of non-personal information will be regarded as personal information, in addition to your authorization or laws and regulations, we will be anonymization, identification.
In order to provide you with more convenient and more suitable information display, search and push services that meet your personalized needs, we will extract your preferred characteristics based on your device information and service log information, and produce an indirect population portrait based on feature labels for display, push information and possible commercial advertising.
If you do not want to accept the commercial advertisement that we send to you, you can unsubscribe or close by sending SMS prompts to reply to the unsubscribe or any other way that we provide.When you use the in-station search service we provide, we also offer the option not to target your personal features.
(3) Provide you with collection, purchase, attention and sharing functions
As you browse our website or client, you have the option to bookmark the items and / or services of interest, add to the cart, establish a concern relationship with the merchants / brands / other members that you are interested in, and share information with other third parties through the functional components we provide.As you use the above features, we will collect service log information including records of your collection and adding shopping cart, concern relationships, sharing history to achieve the above features and other purposes we clearly inform.
(4) Help you to complete the order order and order management
Book or Order: When you are ready to book or order for goods or services on our website, You need to provide us at least the consignee name, receipt address, postal code and consignee contact number; When you buy cross-border goods on our website or buy mobile phones, You may also need to provide your real-name information as required by national laws, regulations or service providers (including basic telecommunications operators), These real-name information may include your personal identifiable information (such as ID card, passport, driving license, social security card, residence permit), personal biometric information (such as fingerprint, iris, facial recognition features) and other personal sensitive information.
You can order goods or services for others through us, and you need to provide the aforementioned personal information about that actual subscriber.Before providing us with the aforementioned personal information about the actual subscriber, you should ensure that you have obtained your authorized consent.  
(5) Help you to complete the payment
After you place the order, you can choose the payment services provided by our third-party payment institutions (including VISA, PAYPAL and others, hereinafter referred to as the "payment institutions").The payment function itself does not collect your personal information, but we need to share your order number with the transaction amount information with these payment agencies to realize its confirmation of your payment instructions and complete the payment.
(6) Help to you to complete the delivery of goods or services
After you place an order and select cash delivery or complete the payment online, our related parties or the Amazon Certified third-party delivery company that are working with us will complete the order delivery for you.You know and agree that our related parties or the third-party distribution companies working with us will use your order information in the above link to ensure the safe delivery of your ordered goods.If you refuse to share such information, we will be unable to complete the relevant delivery services.
The delivery staff of the distribution company will help you to complete the real-name authentication based on the legal requirements of requiring real-name authentication in some businesses.If you buy our mobile phone, we or the distribution company will use your ID card in this link to check your identity through the proprietary equipment of the national certification authority. We do not collect your ID card information, and we or the deliveryman of the distribution company must comply with the provisions of the company's confidentiality system.
(7) Customer service and dispute handling
When you contact us or apply for after-sale and dispute dispute handling, to secure your account and system, we need you to provide the necessary personal information to verify your membership.
To facilitate contact, and record problems as soon as possible, we may keep your communications / call records and related content (including account information, order information, other information you provide to prove relevant facts, or contact information), if you consult, complain or advise on a specific order.
Other information you may use to provide service and a reasonable need to improve service quality, including the relevant information you provide when you contact customer service, and the questionnaire response information sent to us when you participate in the questionnaire.
(8) Provide a security guarantee for you
To improve the security of your services using us and our affiliates and partners, Protect the personal or property safety of you or other users or the public from infringement, Better prevent phishing websites, fraud, cyber vulnerabilities, computer viruses, cyber attacks, cyber intrusion and other security risks, More accurately identify violations of laws and regulations or our relevant agreement rules, We may use or integrate your membership information, transaction information, equipment information, service log information, and information authorized or shared by you under the law, To comprehensively judge your account and transaction risks, to verify, detect and prevent security incidents, And take the necessary record, audit, analysis and disposal measures according to law.
(9) Provide you with other additional services
To provide you with more convenient, superior, personalized products and / or services and strive to enhance your experience, we may collect and use your personal information in the following additional services provided to you.If you do not provide this information, it will not affect your use of our basic services like browsing, search, purchase, but you may not be able to obtain the user experience that these additional services bring to you.These additional services include:
Personalized recommendation services based on location information: We will access your location information after you open the location permission, and provide you with page displays, products, and / or services that more fit your needs, such as recommending nearby preferential information to you.
You understand and agree that the above additional services may require you to access your location information (geographic location) in your device to enable the collection and use of the information involved in these permissions.You can view the status of the above permissions item by item in your device settings or in our client, My Us-Settings-Privacy-System Permissions, and can turn them on or off at any time.Please note that you open any permission on behalf of you to authorize us to collect and use relevant personal information to provide your corresponding services, once you close any authority is to cancel the authorization on your behalf, we will no longer continue to collect and use relevant personal information based on the corresponding permission, also cannot provide you with the corresponding services.However, your decision to close permissions does not affect the collection and use of information based on your authorization.
(11) Other
1. If the information you provide contains the personal information from other users, you need to ensure that you have obtained the legal authorization before providing this personal information to us.
2. If we use the information for other purposes not specified in this policy, or if we use the information collected for a specific purpose for other purposes, or if we take the initiative to obtain your personal information from third parties, we will obtain your consent in advance, such as your personal information obtained through Amazon MWS.
If we indirectly obtain your information from a third party, We will explicitly require in writing the third party to collect personal information after obtaining your consent according to law, And inform you of what the shared information is about, And the sensitive information should be clearly confirmed by you before providing us to use, Ask for third parties to commit to the legality and compliance of personal information sources, If a third party violates it, We will clearly require the other party to assume the corresponding legal responsibility; at the same time, Our professional security team will safely strengthen the personal information (including sensitive information reporting, sensitive information encryption and storage, access permission control, etc.).We will use the same protection means and measures no less than us to protect our personal information for indirectly obtained personal information.
3. Exceptions to authorized consent
You fully understand and agree that we do not require your authorized consent to collect and use your personal information, and we may not respond to your request for correction / modification, deletion, write out, withdraw consent, or request information if:
(1) Related to national security and national defense security;
(2) Related to public safety, public health, or major public interests;
(3) Related to judicial or administrative law enforcement such as crime investigation, prosecution, trial and judgment execution;
(4) To protect the major legitimate rights and interests of you or other individuals, but it is difficult to get my consent;
(5) The personal information that you will disclose to the public by yourself;
(6) Collect personal information from the legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels.
(7) As necessary to sign and perform relevant agreements or other written documents with you;
(8) Those necessary to maintain the safe and stable operation of the products and / or services provided, such as the discovery and disposal of faults of the products and / or services;
(9) Other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.
4. If we stop operating our products or services, we will stop the activities of continuing collecting your personal information in time, notify you of the notice of stopping the operation in one by one service or announcement, and delete or anonymize the personal information we hold related to the closed business.
2. How do we use Cookie and similar technologies
1. To ensure that the site works properly, get an easier access experience, and recommend you what may be interested to you, we will store small data files called Cookie on your computer or mobile device, which usually contains identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters.With Cookie, the site can store data on your preferences or items in your cart / bag.
2. You can manage or delete Cookie according to your preferences.You can clear all Cookie s saved on your computer and most web browsers block Cookie.But if you do so, you need to change your user settings every time you visit our Web site, which may also make some features useless.To learn how to change your browser settings, visit the relevant Settings page for the browser you are using.
(2) Cookie of similar technology
In addition to Cookie, we also use website beacons and pixel labels on our website.For example, an email we send you may contain an address link linked to the content of our site, and if you click, we will follow this click to help us understand your product or service preferences to proactively improve the customer service experience.Website beacons are usually a transparent image embedded in a website or email.With the pixel labels in the email, we are able to know if the email is turned on.If you do not want your activities to be tracked in this way, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time.

3. How do we share, transfer, and publicly disclose your information
(1) Sharing
We will not share your personal information with companies, organizations, and individuals other than our service providers, except where:
1. Sharing under legal circumstances: We may share your personal information in accordance according to the provisions of laws and regulations, litigation and dispute resolution needs, or according to the requirements of administrative and judicial organs.
2. Share with clear consent: After obtaining your clear consent, we will share your personal information with other parties.
3. Share under your active choice: If you purchase goods or services through our platform, we will share the necessary information related to the transaction to the providers of relevant goods or services according to your choice, so as to realize your transaction and after-sales service needs.
4. Sharing with affiliates: In order to facilitate us to provide you with products and services based on our platform account, recommend the information that you may be interested in, identify the abnormal member account number, and protect the personal and property safety of our affiliates or other users or the public, your personal information may be shared with our affiliates and / or their designated service providers.We will only share the necessary personal information and are subject to the purpose stated in this Privacy Policy and will again seek your authorization consent if we share your personal sensitive information or affiliates that alter the use and processing purpose of your personal information.
5. Sharing with Authorized Partners: For the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy only, certain of our services will be provided jointly by us and the Authorized Partner.We may share certain of your personal information with our partners to provide a better customer service and user experience.For example, when you purchase our products online, we must share your personal information with a logistics service provider to schedule delivery, or arrange for partners to provide services.We will share your personal information only for legitimate, legitimate, necessary, specific, explicit purposes and will only share the personal information necessary to provide the services.Our partners are not entitled to use shared personal information for other uses unrelated to the product or service.
Currently, our partners include the following types:
(1) Suppliers of goods or technical services.We may share your personal information with you to third parties that support our functionality.These support include supplying or providing infrastructure technical services, logistics and distribution services, payment services, data processing and more.The purpose of sharing this information is to realize the core shopping functions of our products and / or services, such as we must share your order information with a logistics service provider to arrange the delivery; or we need to share your order number and order amount with the third-party payers to confirm your payment instructions and complete the payment.
(2) Third-party merchants.We must share your order information and the necessary information related to the transaction with the third-party merchants to realize your needs to purchase the goods or services from them, and to encourage them to complete the subsequent after-sales service.
(3) Partners who entrust us to promote it.Sometimes we provide promotional services on behalf of other businesses to user groups that use our products and / or services.We may use your personal information and your non-personal collection of indirect user portraits with our partners ("Client"), but we will only provide information with coverage and effectiveness of the promotion without your personally identifiable information or we aggregate this information so that it does not identify you personally.For example, we can tell how many people of the client read their promotion information or bought the client's goods after seeing this information, or provide them with statistics that are not personally identify to help them understand their audience or customers.
(2) Transfer
We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization, or individual, except if:
1. Transfer under clear consent: After obtaining your clear consent, we will transfer your personal information to other parties;
2. In the event of merger, acquisition or bankruptcy liquidation, or other situations involving merger, acquisition or bankruptcy liquidation, if personal information transfer is involved, we will require new companies and organizations that hold your personal information to continue to be subject to the constraints of this policy, otherwise we will require the company, organizations and individuals to re-seek authorization consent from you.
(3) Public disclosure
We will publicly disclose your personal information only if:
1. With your express consent or based on your active choice, we may publicly disclose your personal information;
2. If we determine that you violate laws and regulations or have serious violations of the relevant agreements and rules of our platform, or to protect the personal and property safety of our platform users or the public from infringement, we may disclose our personal information about you in accordance with laws and regulations or with your consent, including relevant violations and the measures that our platform has taken to you.For example, if you seriously violate our rules by selling counterfeit goods, we may publicly disclose your store certification subject information and violations.
(4) Exceptions to prior authorization for sharing, transfer or public disclosure of personal information
No prior authorized consent is required to share, transfer, or publicly make disclosure of your personal information under:
1. Related to national security and national defense security;
2. Related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;
3. Related to judicial or administrative law enforcement such as crime investigation, prosecution, trial and judgment execution;
4. To protect the major legitimate rights and interests of your life or other individuals, but it is difficult to obtain personal consent;
5. The personal information that you will disclose to the public by yourself;
6. Collect personal information from the legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels.
Please be aware that, under the applicable law, if we take technical and other necessary measures to process personal information so that the data recipient cannot reidentify specific individuals and cannot recover, the sharing, transfer and public disclosure of such processed data requires further notice to you and your consent.

How do we protect your information
(I) We have taken reasonable and reasonable safety protection measures that meet industry standards to protect your information from unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss of our personal information.For example, you are protected by SSL protocol encryption when exchanging data between your browser and server; we use encryption to improve the security of personal information; we use trusted protection mechanisms to prevent malicious attacks; we deploy access control mechanisms to ensure only accessible to authorized personnel; and we hold security and privacy training courses to enhance awareness of the importance of protecting personal information.
(2) We will take reasonable and feasible measures to try our best to avoid collecting irrelevant personal information.We will only retain your personal information for the period required to meet the purposes stated in the cost policy unless required by law, such as the E-commerce Law of the People's Republic of China requires commodity and service information and transaction information for not less than three years from the date of completion of the transaction.The criteria that we judge for the aforementioned period include:
1. Complete the transaction purpose related to you, maintain the corresponding transaction and business records, and respond to your possible inquiries or complaints;
2. Ensure the safety and quality of our services for you;
3. Do you agree to a longer retention period;
4. Whether there are other special agreements on the retention period exists.
After your personal information exceeds the retention period, we will delete your personal information, or anonymize it, as required by the applicable law.
(3) The Internet is not an absolutely safe environment. When using our platform for services, you can establish contact and share with each other through our services.When you create communication, transactions, or sharing through our services, you can independently choose the object of communication, trading, or sharing as a third party who can see relevant information about your transaction content, contact information, communication information, or sharing content.
(4) When using our services for online transactions, you will inevitably disclose your personal information to the counterparties or potential counterparties, such as contact information or contact address.Please protect your personal information and provide it to others if necessary.If you find any leakage of your personal information, especially your account or password, please contact our customer service immediately, so that we can take appropriate measures according to your application.
(5) After the unfortunate occurrence of personal information security events, we will inform you in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations: the basic situation and possible impact of the security event, the disposal measures that we have taken or will take, the suggestions that you can independently prevent and reduce risks, the remedial measures to you, etc.We will inform you of the event by mail, letter, telephone, push notice and other ways, etc. When it is difficult to inform the subject of personal information one by one, we will make an announcement in a reasonable and effective way.At the same time, we will also report the disposal of personal information security incidents according to the requirements of the regulatory authorities.
(6) If you find that your personal information is leaked, especially your account and password have been leaked, please contact us immediately through the contact information agreed at the bottom of this policy, so that we can take corresponding measures.
V. How do you manage your information
You can access and manage your information by:
(I) Query, correct, and supplement your information
You have the right to inquire, correct, or supplement your information.You can do it by yourself through the following ways: log in to us, enter the "My" home page, click on the personal account Settings to query and correct the personal data and personal account related information;
(2) Delete your information
You can delete some of your information as listed in the (I) Query, correct, and supplement your information.
You may request us to delete your personal information if:
1. If our act of handling personal information violates laws and regulations;
2. If we collect and use your personal information, but we do not obtain your clear consent;
3. If our dealing with personal information seriously violates the agreement with you;
4. If you no longer use our products or services, or you voluntarily cancel the account number;
5. If we permanently no longer provide you with products or services.
If we decide to respond to your deletion request, we will also notify as much as possible of the subjects who obtain your personal information from us and require them to timely delete them (unless otherwise provided by laws or regulations, or these subjects have independently obtained your authorization).
When you or we assist you in removing the relevant information, we may not be able to immediately remove the corresponding information from the backup system because of the applicable laws and security techniques, and we will securely store your personal information and isolate it from any further processing until the backup can be cleared or made anonymous.
(3) Change the scope of your authorized consent
Please understand that some basic personal information is necessary for your use of our services but the provision of most other personal information is up by you.You can change the scope of your authorization to continue to call additional features to collect your personal information or withdraw your authorization by removing information, turning off device features, etc.When you withdraw your authorization, we will not be able to continue to provide you with the services corresponding to you to withdraw your authorization, and we will no longer process your corresponding personal information.
If you do not want to accept the promotional information that we send to you, you can cancel it at any time by: 
1. You can ask us to stop sending promotional text messages according to the SMS unbooking guidelines.
2. You can cancel us to send a promotional email to you according to the unbooking instructions in the promotional email.
3. You can accept the goods and promotional information we push to you through the "Notification" through the mobile client "My-Settings-Message Notification Settings" setting.
(4) Cancel your account
You have the right to cancel your account, and can apply for cancellation in the following ways: log in to us, enter the home page of the "My Account", click "Help and Customer Service" in the "My Service" column, and apply for cancellation through the method published in the "Cancel of the Account Number" column in the "Self-service".

(5) Automatic decision-making of the constraint information system
In some business functions, we may only make decisions based on non-artificial automatic decision-making mechanisms, including information systems, algorithms, etc.If these decisions significantly affect your legitimate rights and interests, you have the right to ask us to make an explanation, and we will also provide an appeal method without infringing on our trade secrets or other users' interests, social and public interests.
(6) Responding to your above request
To be secure, you may need to provide a written request, or otherwise prove your identity.We may ask you to verify your identity before you process your request.
We will respond within 15 days.If you are not satisfied, you can also file a complaint through our customer service.
We do not charge in principle for your reasonable request, but will charge for multiple repeated and beyond reasonable requests at our discretion.We may reject requests for information that is not directly related to your identity, unprovoked duplication, or requiring excessive technical means (e. g., developing new systems or fundamentally changing existing practices), or posing risks to the legitimate rights or interests of others.
We will not be able to respond to your request if:
1. Related to national security and national defense security;
2. Related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;
3. Related to the criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of the judgment;
4. There is sufficient evidence of subjective malice or abuse of personal information subject rights;
5. Responding to your request will cause serious damage to the legitimate rights and interests of you or other individuals or organizations;
6. Related to trade secrets.
6. How do we deal with the information of minors
In e-commerce activities, we presume that you have the corresponding civil capacity.If you are a minor, we ask you to ask your parents or guardian to carefully read this Privacy Policy, and use our services or inform us with the consent of your parents or guardian.
To collect personal information about minors by using our products or services with the consent of our parents or guardians, we will only use, share, transfer or disclose this information if necessary as permitted by laws and regulations, or the parent or guardian explicitly agrees or protect the minor.
7. How can your information be transferred worldwide
Personal information collected and generated from our operations within the People's Republic of China is stored in China, except in the following circumstances:
1. The applicable laws have clear provisions;
2. Obtain your clear authorization;
3. You conduct cross-border transactions through the Internet.
For these purposes, we will ensure adequate protection of your personal information under this Privacy Policy.
VIII. How to update this Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy may change.
We will not limit your rights under this Privacy Policy without your express consent.We will post any changes to the Privacy Policy on dedicated pages.
We will also provide more significant notifications of major changes (including how we publicize them or even provide you with pop-up tips).
Major changes referred to in this policy include, but are not limited to:
1. Our service model has changed significantly.Such as the purpose of processing personal information, the type of personal information processed, the use of personal information;
2. We have undergone major changes in our control rights.Such as the change of information controller caused by merger and reorganization;
3. The main objects of personal information sharing, transfer or public disclosure change;
4. Your rights to participate in personal information processing and their exercise methods have changed significantly;
5. We are responsible for handling the changes in the responsible departments, contact information and complaint channels for personal information security;
6. The personal information security impact assessment report indicates a high risk.
How to contact us
1. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this Privacy Policy or your personal information, please contact us at Customer Service, email:
2. Generally speaking, we will reply within 15 days.If you are not satisfied with our reply, especially if our personal information processing behavior has damaged your legitimate rights and interests, you can also complain or report to the Internet, Internet information, telecommunications, public security and industrial and commercial regulatory authorities.