A Guide to Gaming Chair: PV Leather & PVC Leather

As a gamer, we often consider many factors like adjustability, comfort, ergonomics and price when shopping gaming chairs. Materials may not be the most crucial point that concerned but it does make a difference the creation of a quality gaming chair.

Leather, one of the most common materials use for gaming chairs, brings the legendary comfort and experience to the gamer. If you have ever been shopping for leather gaming chairs, you may have noticed the variety of leathers you can choose from like PVC leather, PU leather and real leather. PVC leather and PU leather are two type of most common leathers used for gaming chairs. Sometimes it is hard to tell the differences between them. Actually, they features differences on appearance, breathability and durability. In this article, we will discover the difference between them and learn how to choose the gaming chair with right upholstry.


A previous difference between PU leather and PVC leather is their appearances.. With multi-layer compound modifications underneath its coating, PVC is more durable and could be featured with beautiful patterns, prints,
textures . PU, on the other hand, features less layers, making it more pliable and flexible to work with.

Due to its less foam layer underneath its surface coating and skin layer, PU leather features the better breathability than PVC. But both of them have the properties of waterproofing and breathability. They have the ability to block out water while allowing vapour from sweat to evaporate.

Due to its multi-layer structure and lack of pores, as compared to PU leather, PVC is more durable than PU leather. PVC also does not trap heat, and is scratch resistant. 


Gaining much information, now you could tell the difference between PU and PVC. PVC or PU, which material to use? The answer to that is simple: focus on your our preferences . Does your gaming chair need a real leather-like texture of glass? Does it need to be more breathable? Go for PU. Will you need it to be durable and resistant ? Go for PVC.

PVC: HopeRacer Rally gaming chair

PU: HopeRacer Apollo gaming chair