2021 Most Popular affordable gaming chair for Gaming Lovers

And what better way to relax than playing a little? As every good gamer, it is very important that you are aware of new games that are being released and be aware of new affordable gaming chair, which also keep evolving.

affordable gaming chair

Here on the blog you can get to know some of these peripherals and our recommendations and tips when buying them.

We can cite from the best gaming mice, the mechanical keyboards to the most powerful and precise, the best gaming headsets.

Find the most affordable gaming chair Online

To use all this, you need to be very well accommodated and comfortable, and for that there are exclusive chairs for gamers like you.

In this post, you will find out which gamer chair is best for your needs.

Why do you need affordable gaming chair?

Affordable gaming chairs are beautiful and offer great comfort, but that's not all, studies indicate that an adjustable ergonomic chair significantly reduces spinal damage due to poor posture and discomfort.

Playing games is a very common hobby that, in addition to relieving stress, keeps your brain alert and improves cognitive ability.

But your spine and muscles are sore after long hours of playing and, over time, it can lead to serious problems such as:

  • Heart diseases;
  • Colorectal cancer;
  • Obesity;
  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Muscle degeneration;
  • Disc herniations;
  • Among many others.

Another very serious problem is the eventual FALLS !

Avoid affordable gaming chair those are not Appropriate

When using chairs that are not appropriate, accidents are more frequent, as they can occur when we try to tilt the chair backwards, trying to adjust it for more comfort.

These falls are harmful to the entire body and can cause serious back problems.

Not to mention that treatments related to these problems are extremely expensive and usually require surgery.

With that, we can summarize saying that:

The more time you spend sitting in an inappropriate affordable gaming chair without much ergonomics, the greater the risk of back-related problems occurring in the future.

Affordable gaming chair, A Good Investment for Your Health

How much is it worth investing in a gamer chair? And what are the differentials that a gamer chair has?

This is a very controversial question and one that has been generating discussions for a long time.

In general, a good gamer chair is one that has several adjustments and adjustments of:

  • Inclination;
  • Height;
  • Adjustment in the arms;
  • Adjustments in the lumbar region;

These are chairs that, in addition to being comfortable, will allow you to better enjoy your hours of gaming, without having to change position every little bit or adjust yourself in the chair as they will adjust perfectly to your body, helping you to feel better and enjoy every moment.

affordable gaming chair

It's worth thinking that a good chair can save you a doctor's bill and a lot of stress with spinal problems in the future.

Other Information and affordable gaming chair Features

Many other important information about ergonomic chairs and gamers, you will find in our other article, where we show which are the best ergonomic chairs, give more attention and explain how this type of chair works in more detail.

How Do We Choose the Best Gamer Chairs?

Our team carried out a thorough and detailed search for the best gamer chairs, making an initial selection of some models and, based on several national and international reviews and availability of models in the Brazilian market, we were able to define which the best and most modern gamer chairs are sold in Brazil.

Best Gamer Chair Brands

We have a clear division between national and imported brands and you will now know which ones are the best based on various criteria.

National brands

  • corsair
  • graffiti
  • ThunderX3
  • DXRacer

Thunder Affordable gaming Chair

So, it's time to meet the ThunderX3 TGC12, chosen as the most affordable gaming chair.

Although it is a more affordable model, it has good ergonomic features.

To start with, two adjustable-height pillows, one for the lower back and one for the neck.

Then, it has dense foam, ideal for molding to the shape of the body. As well, it has a high back (82 cm), wide seat (50 to 58 cm) and is also reclining from 90 to 180 degrees.

Its piston is also strong, having a Class 4, and it has a range of oscillation between 3 and 18 degrees.

In addition, it has 65 mm Nylon castors, supporting the weight well and avoiding scratches on the floor.

The only downside in ergonomics is the armrests, adjustable only in 2D: height and position.

Because it has leather lining with carbon fiber seams, in addition to being beautiful, it is resistant. Its design is inspired by racing car seats, with color options like all black and black with green, blue or red.



Lumbar and Neck Cushion

2D Armrests

Carbon fiber seams

it's a little heavy 

Dense foam, which molds to the body


Good cost-benefit


Castors do not scratch the floor



Cough Armour affordable gaming chair

The Cougar Armor One is the best affordable gaming chairs for Small People looking for comfort and ergonomics.

Because it has a high back (83 cm), it allows the spine to be 100% reclining, providing more comfort for long periods of use.

Plus, it has high-density foam, which molds to the body and reduces tension. As well, it is in breathable PVC leather, ensuring good thermal sensation and freshness.

This gamer chair has a very interesting style, with stitching that makes its look more sporty and luxurious at the same time.

Stunning Features

All this, without giving up two pillows with adjustable height, one for the lumbar and one for the neck.

It also offers 2D padded armrests, with height (64 to 70 cm) and steering (left and right) adjustment.

Other differentials of this affordable gaming chair are its castors that do not scratch the floor and rotate through 360° and the fact that it has an adjustable inclination angle up to 180°.

Finally, due to its steel structure, it is resistant and guarantees good durability to the product.



Lumbar and Neck Cushion

Supported weight is not the biggest

It is breathable, having good thermal comfort.

2D Armrests 

Highly resistant steel structure


Seams make the design more interesting


High back enhances ergonomics