Different Types of Computer Gaming Chair

Mainly, there are two different varieties of computer gaming chairs. The first one is a computer gaming chair with a specific design for computer gaming. It looks like an office chair with a high back and metal frame. The second type of gaming chair looks like recliners or loungers with futuristic, sleek styling. These chairs are designed to be compatible with platform systems like PlayStations and X-Box, etc. The primary difference between the two chairs is that the platform system gaming chairs have very little distance from the ground.

Both types of gaming chairs come in high quality because they are made to be long-lasting. Usually, they have greater comfort and lumbar support than traditional office chairs. Additionally, there are many other extra features that you will get with gaming chairs. Such “extras” include things like cup holders and built-in speakers.

computer gaming chair

Usage of a Computer Gaming Chair

The primary use of a computer gaming chair is for gaming, as its name suggests. Therefore, it is understandable that gaming chairs must be comfortable enough to sit down for many gameplay hours. Only gamers would know how important the comfort of a gaming chair is. Gaming is one of the time-intensive hobbies. Hours of gameplay on an uncomfortable chair can cause several health-related issues.

A top-of-the-line living room recliner and office chair would remain comfortable till 6 - 8 hours of sitting. However, a top-notch gaming chair would feel comfortable for 12 to 16 hours of gameplay, or even more. We have different gaming chair types because gaming PCs are usually set up higher on the computer desks. It is why the office chairs inspire the modern-day PC gaming chairs with a high-back.

On the other hand, platform systems work with living room TVs. Therefore, recliners become a suitable choice for platform systems because they are closer to the ground level. So, there are two main types of gaming chairs you can choose from, as we told you earlier. But hold on! There is another one that is another type that is a sort of third category gaming chair. The third type of gaming chair works for both gaming types.

Different Types of Computer Gaming Chairs

We have already named the three types of gaming chairs above with their specific uses. Let’s take a quick look at the three types to help you decide which kind of computer gaming chair you need for your use.

1. PC Gaming Chair

PC games are played on traditional gaming computers kept on the computer tables. Therefore, the gaming chair must have a height and back support according to the computer table height. It is why the PC gaming chairs are evolved from the standard office chairs. So, you would find many similarities between a PC gaming chair and an office chair. Apart from many similarities, there are also some notable differences.

A gaming chair has extra cushioning and a bucket-style seat. Additionally, the gaming chairs have height-adjustable armrests for comfort. Another unique feature of a gaming chair is its improved lumbar support.  Some PC gaming chairs also come with recline features and small pillows. You can also find built-in speakers in the headrest of top-of-the-line computer gaming chair variants.

2. Platform Gaming Chair

A platform gaming chair is different from a PC gaming chair. Their shape is similar to recliners but is generally placed on a floor. Most models of platform gaming chairs can rock. They usually have pockets where you can store game controllers. Models that do not have a built-in speaker feature headphone jacks. These chairs look aesthetically appealing and are highly comfortable. Of course, you can’t use them as your PC gaming chair, but they are a must for platform gaming players.

3. Hybrid Gaming Chair

A standard hybrid gaming chair mounts on the swivel base, making it look like a traditional office chair. However, it has the padding and shape that you usually find in a recliner. An advanced hybrid chair comes with surrounds built-in sound speakers, multiple monitors, and many gaming control mechanisms. The chair ‘Emperor’ is an example of a high-end hybrid chair that offers the ultimate gaming experience. However, these chairs are expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy them.

Brief History and Origin

The very first computer gaming chair was invented in the early 1980s. It was because a few exciting things were occurring at that particular time. The convergence of these things was what led to the development of the very first computer gaming chair:

  1. The PC was coming increasingly to homes from the exclusive office domain.
  2. The creation of the very first gaming system became very popular in no time.
  3. We witnessed a home entertainment concept in that era that just became the perfect entertainment source for middle-class families.

All these things converged to create the “cocooning” phenomenon. As a result, many people started to stay indoors while spending less time outdoors with others. This phenomenon became the reason behind the computer gaming chair development.

With advancements in technology and materials sciences, the gaming chairs became more complex with several options. Today, you can buy computer chairs with features, such as massage heads, built-in speakers, swing arms to hold monitors, cup holders, and more.


A gaming chair is a must for any gamer who is fond of playing games at home on a PC or a platform gaming device. These chairs come in three main types for different types of gaming. You can choose the right kind of gaming chair according to the gameplay, i.e., platform gaming or PC gaming. These chairs make the gameplay comfortable for more extended periods without any break with their comfortable seats and cushions.

The unique features, including head massage, built-in speakers, and cup holders make them an entirely different thing than the standard office chairs. You can choose the most suitable type of computer gaming chair for your gameplay by comparing the features of other models available on the market. The selection