Gaming Setup: DIY Your Multifunctional Gaming Setup

Everyone has a childhood dream of decorating a dreaming gaming room. But compared with the specific gaming room, multifunctional room is also favored by more and more professional gamer.

gaming-setupcredit: unknown

What you need to create the gaming setup

Let's summarize some elements needed for a gaming room:

Gaming desk
Gaming chair
RGB LED atmosphere light
PRO monitors
PRO gaming accessories
Big TV Screen
RGB Computer Case

These are the basic elements for gamers to decorate their own gaming set up.

The gaming setup in the multifunctional study room

And multifunctional study room is obviously larger, which is available for you to make the flexible changes :

Entertainment Area: projection + audio solutions + TV + noise barrier
Game area: the basic equipment like gaming chair and gaming desk depending on the type of game, and other gaming accessories
Study area: bookshelf  + table lamp
Resting area: a sofa or a bean bag + table or small refrigerator. It can be extended into a resting area or veio game area (after all, you can have your phone lying down to play with)

Storing area: the display table+ some large or small storage cabinets, which could be as the storing space and showcase.

gaming ste-up


We can find the general study room is more versatile and malleable.
 If you have already a study room with extensive space and just want to create a small gaming area, you can add a little led RGB light belt, stick a few posters or stick a wallpaper to design your gaming ground. It doesn't cost much, and it's easier to decorate. A study could be multifunctional, for example game + work, game + video sound entertainment .