Ergonomic Gaming Chair-- Health Benefits for Computer Users


Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Ever since the pandemic started wreaking havoc around the globe, life has come to a staggering halt. The ever sedentary lifestyles have amplified as work from the home situation has taken over the routine office work. Screen time is now the mainstay of most lives as it caters to both work and entertainment-related needs. Owing to this, postural problems and pains have become rampant in the vast majority of the population. Ergonomic gaming chairs play a vital role in this regard by aiding in minimizing these problems.

Ergonomically designed furniture has been designed to support function and enhance comfort for human use while reducing the risk of musculoskeletal pain disorders that include joint pain, back issues, neck pains, arthritis, restricted organs and poor blood circulation.

Health Benefits of Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

If you are a modern day gamer or desk worker, you would be well aware of how debilitating back aches tend to be. They not only affect your productivity but also your mood. An ergonomic gaming chair not only helps in keeping postural problems at bay but also yields a plethora of health, wellness and productivity related benefits.

Ergonomic Gaming Chairs meet the quality standards laid out in the modern ergonomic standards by ensuring a correct and healthy sitting posture alongside allowing movement while sitting.

Let’s quickly dive into the health benefits provided by the ergonomic gaming chairs:

Posture Rehabilitation

Traditional office chairs are devoid of ergonomics and tend to adversely affect posture. Ergonomically designed gamming chairs come with three key features; adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests and tilt-locking backrest recline. Traditional office chairs are devoid of all and tend to cause slouching of the body or the more popularly known hunchback posture.  They also cause poor division of spinal load and restricted movement.

A dynamic neutral sitting position is one where the seated body experiences the least amount of physical stress. All ergonomically designed chairs tend to make the body experience the same dynamic neutral sitting position.

Decreased Incidence of Pains

A poor posture can give rise to musculoskeletal disorders which include wrist disorders as well as neck, shoulder, arm and back aches of chronic nature. American Chiropractic Association claims that 80% of the population will experience back pain during their life. Back pain tends to equally affect people of all ages and is one the most common reasons for missing work in the United States.

 A good posture can be linked to innumerable health benefits. A good gaming chair through its ergonomic design tends to minimize the risk of developing back and neck pains. It reduces joint stress through a reduction in body tension. It is also linked with better energy levels and a better mood. Correct posture ensures lesser neck strain which has statistically shown to decrease the incidence of migraines.

Better attention span

Ergonomists at Herman Miller conducted trials and backed their researches with facts and figures. The research concluded that position oriented discomfort adversely affects mood and in turn also affects the concentration span. A report by the American Posture Institute claims that poor posture adversely affects the cognitive performance. Some researchers also link poor posture to an increased cortisol level i.e. the stress hormones.

The term couch potato now makes sense, doesn’t it?

Ergonomic Gaming Chairs ensure maximum comfort for the user especially when used for extended periods of time. This allows users to have better attention spans.

The Correct Way to Use Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Improper usage often tends to make things with maximum benefits, counterproductive. Here is a set of instructions on using ergonomic gaming chairs to their maximum potential and yield their health benefits maximally. 

Evenly distribute your body weight and spread your body across the chair. Ergonomic gaming chairs allow accurate height adjustment. The arm rest is there for a reason; let your elbows rest on it. Position the height such that it allows your knees to bend a right angle. Keep your feet parallel to the ground. Avoid crossing your legs. Position your chair such that it’s close to the desk.

Initially, it might be difficult to get a hang of the correct position but once you condition your muscles, your existing pains will resolve, posture will be corrected and future incidence of pains will be significantly reduced.


Ergonomic Gaming Chairs are not just beneficial for your body, they are extremely eye pleasing with their flashy designs. At the end of the day, an ergonomic gaming chair might not prove to be helpful in winning games or championing your office work. However, it is bound to protect your spine and restore your posture.

Whether you work for a short span of time or extended periods of time, it will help to minimize your risk of developing chronic pains in back and neck. Investing in a gaming chair when there are plenty of affordable traditional office chairs available in the market might seem to be a foolish decision but trust me a few years down the road when your back pains would not be making your life debilitating, you would look in retrospect and thank your former self for this decision.

Spend money on buying an ergonomic gaming chair today or get ready to pay your chiropractor bills in the future.