Gaming Computer Desk-- Building Your Own

Building Your Own Gaming Computer Desk

It is very important to own a gaming computer desk if you are a game freak. Modern gaming systems come with external gadgets and devices that need proper placement.  Without a gaming computer desk, it is impossible to place all the devices in the same place. Hence, a gaming computer desk is as essential as the game itself. The placement carries equal significance.

The game can cost several dollars and its placement is a whole other topic. There is no use in getting one if you do not have a proper space to cater to it. Although you can get a gaming computer desk designed especially for this purpose, it is better to build your own. It is simple and easy to make.

The one you build yourself will be much more economical yet you can customize it and utilize the space as you please. The customizable option can be a great boon for making slots, drawers, and such spaces as per your liking. It is easy to design and a step-by-step guide can help you make it in no time at all. Moreover, you can make this desk multipurpose by serving either as an office desk or a gaming desk.

What is a gaming PC desk?

A computer gaming desk is basically a simple table but with a lot of customized slots and drawers.  The CPU sits on the surface of the table whereas the gaming table has fancy LED lights. This design aids in different gaming needs and for placing different gaming gadgets like mousepads, keyboards, controllers, and many other things.

Making your own computer gaming desk is quite easy and much more efficient when compared to the ones available in the market.  Plus, there are printable step-by-step plans available on the net for making a computer desk from scratch. You can even watch DIY videos about making a gaming desk as well.

Building your own gaming desk requires space, equipment, and means. Thus, make sure you have all the prerequisites for making the desk. A longer desk is a good way to go as it can accommodate and support mouse tracks while gaming. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about and building a gaming desk unit by you.

Building the Desktop

The initial step is to build the desktop.  The length of the desktop totally depends on your need but a suitable choice would be 60 inches long. You cut the wooden accessories and glue them up after cutting desired lengths. There are other ways to join the planks but to get cleaner edges gluing them up is a better option.

After letting it sit overnight, you can square the edges and make final trimmings to the desktop for achieving the finalized size. Fill all the spaces in between with epoxy, and tint them with acrylic paint of your choice.  Filling up spaces can provide a smoother surface. After that, you can sand the whole desktop with sandpaper and further smooth it out by using a 220 grit.

Building the Side Panels

For making the side panels, you can use a 1 by 6 feet board. You can line all of them together and mark the locations where you would want to put holes for wiring. Make sure you have enough pocket holes to accommodate wires that you may need in the future. 

A 3/4 inch pocket hole is enough for serving this purpose.  After drilling these holes you can glue both the sides together and form a panel.  After assembling these panels, attach the boards with pocket holes to the desktop.

You need to square the edges for a smoother transition.  After that, you need to make drawers on the front side of the desk.  Make desired measurements for the drawers that you would like to have.  The depth and the width of each drawer are approximately 6 inches and 4 inches respectively.  You can even make a compartment for your router so that it has a place of its own without compromising on the signal quality.

Building the Cabinet

Further, you need to create a cabinet bottom for keeping the things in a secured compact way. Since the initial structure is ready you can place the cabinet bottom using wood glue.  Otherwise, you can even use nails for keeping the structure in accord.

Attaching the Legs

The next step is of attaching legs to the desk.  The desk is already full of compartments hence the length of the legs remains of a minimal size such that they accommodate the weight of the whole structure. Basically, legs are the foundation of the gaming desk, therefore; they must be able to carry the whole system with accurate grip.

You can either use wood glue or nail them directly into the gaming desk. Additionally, you can round off the corners of the legs to avert any chipping damages that may occur during use.

Attaching the Shelves

Then again comes the attaching of shelves to the desktop surface.  You can make a shelf using wood boards of 1 by 6 inches and attach them with the help of wood glue.

You can locate the locations easily. All you need to do is make temporary marks to guide you through the process. Follow the lines and place the shelf in the desired place and nail them in place.

Finishing Touches

Now comes the time where you need to add finishing touches to the complete gaming desk.  You can use different colored paints for achieving your desired look.  You can go either way by going for a monochrome look or add color for aesthetically pleasing effects.

Moreover, you can coat the desk until you reach the desired color stability.  Let it sit for 2 to 3 days until it dries completely.  Do the same with the drawers and compartments that are made for gaming.

Furthermore, you can add LED lights to the computer gaming desk.  These lights come as strips of different inched sections that you can attach with the desk using adhesive tapes. Usually, these LED lights don't have a plugin but a USB cord as an output source hence; you might require a USB port for switching them ON.

Once you complete the physical features for the gaming desk, you can place your entire unit on it making necessary wire arrangements. You can even place the cords in such a way that they don’t pose as an obstruction for any hardware unit. Additionally, you can even decorate the table as you want and match it with your surroundings.

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It is important for you to own a computer gaming desk that is only dedicated to your gaming and computer needs. Unlike ordinary computer tables, a gaming computer desk can accommodate both, your PC as well as the gaming unit with all its external hardware attachments. This way you won’t have to compromise on any other table for the placement of your entire unit. You can easily build it by following simple steps and achieve a customized platform for placing your gaming units and their attachments.