How to choose best rgb gaming mouse kit? Mouse & Keyboard Kit

A good keyboard and rgb gaming mouse is indispensable for those who spend hours in front of a computer or notebook screen. 

rgb gaming mouse

 These accessories are not only suitable for gamers, contrary to what many people think. But also for the thousands of people who are working from home office. So, having a good keyboard and mouse kit will make your daily life easier and may even avoid ergonomic risks.

Are you having trouble finding the kit that suits your needs? Want to know what their difference is? So stay with us and ask all your questions!

How do we choose the best rgb gaming mouse?

As we have already said, there are two different groups that have specific needs. Therefore, the first group is gamers, who are looking for extra functions like features, programmable buttons, lighting and more aggressive looks.

Gamers are always looking for rgb gaming mouse that match the height of their games. As a result, there are many different and specific products on the market.

The second audience is people who work with computers or who use it for other purposes. These are looking for comfortable accessories, with good ergonomics and wireless models. With the coming of the pandemic, this public has grown and probably, in some cases, it will continue due to the ease that the home offices have been providing.

So it's past time to invest in a quality kit!

Gamer Keyboard & Mouse Kit

The gamers keyboards are not different only for lighting and design, for most players that really matters and characterizes the gaming keyboard is the anti-ghosting system. Because with it you can press 19 keys simultaneously, which makes it much easier to play no matter what your game is.

Main features of the keyboard:

  • first it is considered American standard having 104 keys, being that 12 keys are multimedia (F1 to F12);
  • anti-ghosting;
  • it has only red lighting on the logo and sides;
  • waterproof;
  • braided cable with gold plated USB connector to prevent oxidation.

rgb gaming mouse is very popular mainly for the price. But it also has some differentials like a switch for quick and smooth clicks and 8 weight pieces with a set balance adjustment.

Main features of the rgb gaming mouse mouse:

  • Avago sensor, that is, it offers a lot of sensitivity and is very accurate;
  • visual with red LED;
  • Product structure is in plastic, with rough texture in matte black on top. On the sides it has a mixture of smooth areas with more grip;
  • it has two buttons on the side.

Gaming Member Keyboard & Mouse Kit ( Black HP USB)

Then we have HP, which is a well-known brand and one that is more trusted by consumers. This kit is famous for having a great cost-benefit ratio, which makes it well sold. In addition, it has a high quality and durability, meeting the needs that a gamer needs for their games.

Key features of the keyboard:

  • has anti-ghosting system;
  • blue LED backlight on base only;
  • considered Brazilian standard with 107 keys, with specific buttons for multimedia and games;
  • serves as a wrist rest as it has an elongated bottom;
  • Finally, the material is ABS plastic, all black and with gamer design.

Both accessories are connected via USB and are compatible with Windows, Linux, Xbox and macOS. The mouse guarantees a fully optimized performance with precision, in order to be ideal for any type of game.

Key features of the rgb gaming mouse:

  • rgb gaming mouse  comes with optical sensor, with a maximum resolution of 1600 DPI;
  • ergonomic design, modern and found in black color;
  • visual with blue led;
  • it does not have buttons on the sides.

Kits for use at work and in everyday life

Unlike keyboard and mouse kits for gamers, the ones we're going to talk about now are a little more discreet, although they're also pretty. And there's nothing better than an organized, beautiful and comfortable setup for working or doing simple computer activities, isn't it?

Logitech MK220 Keyboard & Mouse Kit (Black Wireless)

Logitech's MK220 kit is in high demand as it is one of the cheapest wireless kits on the market. Ideal model for those who are looking for something simpler, with great cost-benefit and a compact combo in order to carry it wherever you want.

Key features of the keyboard:

  •  keyboard layout follows the Brazilian ABNT2 standard;
  • it has a simple compact design in black color and the keys are 36% smaller than conventional models;
  • the keys are durable, tall and the space bar curved in order to ensure comfort when typing;
  • Comes with two AAA batteries for operation;
  • it is resistant to liquid spills.

Key features of the mouse:

  • sensitive control optical mouse;
  • features simple, ergonomic, compact and lightweight design in black color;
  • has a range of up to 10 meters;
  • has a comfortable format for right-handed and ambidextrous users;
  • two AA batteries are used.

What is a rgb gaming mouse?


If you think that the standard mouse and the rgb gaming mouse are practically the same, you are wrong! The mouse can make a big difference to the player's performance, so you must choose wisely.

Mouse good for working and playing

Wired laser mice are preferred by most gamers as they ensure fluid movement and offer the best performance. Other things to watch out for are additional buttons on each side of the mouse.

RGB model brings a great experience for little more demanding gamers. This gamer mouse comes with three different footprints that can be changed according to your taste: the first has a smooth side, the second has a textured rubber side and the third has a textured rubber and thumb rest for comfort.

The specification of rgb gaming mouse

The optical sensor is the Pixart PMW3367, whose resolution ranges from 100 to 16,000 DPI; there are 6 programmable buttons in total, which can be individually configured. Corsair's proprietary software makes it simple to customize your mouse profile for the game you will be playing.

To top it off, RGB lighting has three dynamic color zones that can be individually customized and saved in a profile in the mouse's internal memory.

The extra buttons are very useful because they can be customized to perform different functions in the game. When it comes to DPI and search rates – choose rgb gaming mouse with search rates around 500Hz and higher DPI for more precise movement.

How to select rgb gaming mouse?

To select the gamer mouse models from this list, we gave weight primarily to the cost-effectiveness of the equipment in an overview. We take into account, in addition to consumer opinion about each device, the brand's relevance in the market, technology, maximum DPI, weight and other characteristics.