How To Clean Your Gaming Chair?

When gaming is your life, there is very little time for cleaning your desk let alone your room, and even more so your gaming chair. Nevertheless, with a wipe of a cloth, vacuum, and a little maintenance check, you can considerably extend the life of your gaming chair. This means more money for purchasing the latest games instead of forking out on a new gaming chair. Because, who doesn't want a cleaner, sexier-looking gaming chair?  

In this article, I will explain how to effectively clean the different gaming chairs out there based on the materials and then how to maintain your chair.

When it comes to gaming chairs the primary material on the market is bonded leather or PU leather. This is simply synthetic leather, made from polyurethane. Very few gaming chairs nowadays are made with genuine leather and then very few are made of mesh. The market seems to be about 60% PU leather and around 40% fabric.

With mesh gaming and office chairs, there are two varieties. There is the mesh material that covers the foam seat padding. This is often the material used in budget office chairs. The second is tensile mesh. Tensile mesh does not use traditional foam seat padding, the mesh is super strong and removes the need for foam padding. This tensile mesh is extremely breathable and is often found used in ergonomic office chairs. Below are two picture examples of mesh office chairs.

Now we know the different materials used within gaming chairs I can now explain how best to clean each type of chair.

How to clean a mesh fabric gaming chair?

As I said a little earlier there are two types of mesh gaming chairs, let’s start with the mesh fabric variety. For this material you do not want to clean using water as the fabric can remain damp and worse the foam padding underneath can get wet and this leads to bad odors. The only time to use some hot soapy water is when removing a stain. After removing the stain with a warm wet cloth, use a hairdryer to dry the area. 

The best way to clean this mesh fabric is using a vacuum cleaner. When using a vacuum cleaner, make use of the vacuum's extra nozzles to clean any crevices of crumbs and other small debris. 

A good question is how often to clean this type of chair? The answer is dependent on use and more importantly how often you consume food while gaming. Even the cleanest person will get a few crumbs in amongst the crevices of their chair. A good estimate is to ensure within every 2-4 weeks the chair has a good vacuum. If it is needed to clean the fabric with water and a mild detergent for stubborn stains, you will want to ensure that the fabric is completely dry after cleaning to eliminate odors.

How to clean a tensile mesh gaming chair?

When it comes to tensile mesh because it is made with a strong polymer we can clean very easily. We can use warm water, a mild detergent, and a nonabrasive cloth as well as using a vacuum cleaner. I advise regular vacuum cleaning which in turn prevents the need for cleaning thoroughly with warm water and a mild detergent. 

Once again if you eat regularly while gaming, the time difference between cleaning should be shorter. Ultimately the aim is to keep the gaming chair clean and fresh for continuous use.

How to clean a leather gaming chair?

Now lastly let's talk about the most common material used in the gaming industry, bonded or PU leather. As both leather materials have waterproof properties, we can clean thoroughly with warm water, a mild detergent, and a nonabrasive cloth.

This is especially useful as you can thoroughly clean the leather keeping your gaming chair looking great. Choosing a PU/bonded leather gaming chair is a good solution as with any spillages you can very easily just wipe clean and dry. 

With gaming chairs, you will often find that the armrests are either upholstered in the same bonded leather material or using a plastic/alloy material. A regular task is to wipe these, keeping them fresh and clean. If you live in hotter climates you can sweat easily and there is nothing worse than that sticky feeling so a regular clean is more than necessary. 

In addition, the leather gaming chairs often have a supportive lumbar or neck pillow that is usually detachable. You will want to clean this the same way as 9 out of 10 times it is made with the same PU leather material matching the color scheme of the chair.

How to maintain your office chair?

To finish this blog piece I will lastly talk about how best to maintain your gaming chair so you achieve the best bang for your buck.

When you receive your gaming chair you have to first assemble it, following the instructions and inserting screws/bolts in the right places. As the gaming chair continues to be used daily the screws will slowly loosen. Due to this, you want to regularly, every 2-3 months take the time to check and tighten any loose fittings. 

Furthermore, a great way to ensure continued chair life is to use a lubricating oil like WD40. By using WD40 you prevent rust and grease up all the fittings. Sometimes with your gaming chair, it can begin to squeak and this sound can be quite frustrating. WD40 can resolve this issue too, even for the height adjustment column. 

When it comes to maintaining the wheels on your chair base this is often a neglected area. We forget to check and maintain. Nevertheless, the wheels are very important as they hold the weight of the chair and depending on the manufacturer are not always the strongest. Also if you use your gaming chair on carpet, the wheels can suffer mobility issues if they get clogged with hair or other debris. Therefore, every so often just give the wheels a clean too and ensure they have maximal mobility. If needed many manufacturers offer replacements or you can purchase wheels separately if one wheel becomes broken.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your gaming chair it might not be the greatest of tasks. However, taking the time every 2 weeks or so will ensure a much greater product life for your gaming chair. A good gaming chair is an investment in your health. If you are sitting even an hour a day at the computer or console taking the time to clean will ultimately result in more value for your money. Lastly, if your chair is dirty and stained you won’t want to be sitting there. Keep your gaming set up fresh.

Thanks for reading please leave a comment telling me what material your gaming chair is? As always if you have any questions please send us a message on social media or by contacting us.