How to find a comfortable chair king? Specifications of Best models

Comfort is paramount, especially if you're going to spend long hours in front of your computer. Choosing the best gaming chair king can be the key to taking your gaming experience to the next level!

chair king

With this in mind, our team has separated the best options in the market, making a selection of new releases and classics from the most reputable brands, and best evaluated by their consumers.

Material of chair king

Gamer chairs are usually upholstered in leather (natural or synthetic), fabric, or a combination of the two.  

  • Ergonomic Adjustments 

No matter which gaming chair you choose, the key feature you expect is good adjustable ergonomics.  

This includes lumbar and arm support, tilt and height adjustments, and optional headrests.  

Most of the time, all gamer chair king comes with these options. However, it is important to pay attention to some important points: 

  • The backrest should follow the natural curvature of your lower back 
  • The height should be good so that the knees are positioned at 90° 
  • The arms must have good position at 90° from the table with no tension on the shoulders 
  • The monitor should be at eye level to avoid neck strain 

Supported Size and Weight  of chair king

The ideal gamer chair should accommodate your weight and height without losing its ergonomic features. For this reason, always make sure that the measurements and weight support are in accordance with your needs.  

In general they are able to support up to 150kg and have height adjustment that averages up to 8cm of variation. 

  • Balance Adjustment 

Another important factor that directly interferes with comfort and ergonomics is the balance adjustment option. The most complete models of gamer chair offer a level of inclination of up to 18°, making it possible to adapt your position more comfortably according to each type of game. 

Best chair king of 2021

Now that you know that the best gamer chair king in the world is the one that meets your needs, check out our selection of the best models available on the market below. 

  1. TGC12 Gamer Chair – ThunderX3

If you are looking for a complete gamer chair then this should be your choice! 

With a steel base, it combines equally resistant polyurethane and carbon fiber in the making of your body. 

The quality of your accommodation and comfort are guaranteed thanks to its high-density foam upholstery, 180-degree tilt settings and bi-directional armrests. 

In addition, the chair also has lumbar and neck support pillows, which are responsible for relieving the accumulated tension in the muscles throughout the day. 

Its back has a good length, which makes it a good choice of gamer chair for tall people, since the brand recommends the model for people up to 2 meters. 

2. Mad Racer V8 Turbo Gamer Chair

It may not be one of the most appealing options to the eye, as it doesn't have a shiny leather case, but one of its main benefits lies right there.  

The fabric is more durable as it does not have the risk of falling apart over time, in addition to offering ventilation and greater adherence to the body. 


Plus, chair king high-density D45 foam is one of the most durable, and tilts up to 135 degrees for relaxing breaks between matches. 

Its height adjustment has a gas lift piston and its armrests are bidirectional and also have height adjustment. 

3. EC3 Gamer Chair – ThunderX3

As with most ThunderX3 chair options, this one combines a complete setup of settings and adjustments that a gamer chair should have, with the added bonus of a premium, high-quality, durable synthetic leather that offers some level of breathability during use. . 

The EC3 also combines high density foam in its composition, providing even more comfort and durability to the model. 

4. Chair king Ergonomic Gamer Chair –

That's because it has all the tilt, height, balance and armrest adjustments that gamers would require, however, its discreet design makes it an attractive option for your corporate use as well.


In addition, its headrest also features bi-directional adjustments allowing you to position it at the perfect angle for your productivity.

Due to chair king canvas structure and high-density firm foam accent, it may not be the most “throne” option, but it certainly has the complete accommodation structure to improve your posture and preserve your attention on just that really matters.

Mini Buying chair king Guide

As we talked about at the beginning of the article, designed so that the user can have a greater performance without losing the comfort so necessary for their productivity, the ThunderX3 Gamer Chairs are models that promise comfort both for playing and for working or studying.

And the best part, in addition to comfort, this is a product that will bring you good posture and, in addition, it has great resistance and can last for a long time.

In other words, have no doubts that the chair king 3 is a great gamer chair and, for sure, it's worth the investment.

Why many gamers choose chair king?

It turns out that as we have numerous options on the market, it is very important that you know how to choose the ideal model for your profile.

At this time, for example, it is very important that you pay attention to many points and factors.

To help you, we have selected here a brief guide to making the best purchase decision:

In this case, the first point that needs to be analyzed is your budget. It is recommended that you consider your budget and how much a gamer chair costs.

2020 best Gaming Chair

One of the most sought after items throughout the year 2020 were gamer chairs. Known for the high comfort provided, they have been falling in favor of the population. However, is it possible to find a cheap gaming chair?

The home office is here to stay! With the onset of the pandemic, thousands of workers began to perform their duties at home. However, a common complaint was the need to have a comfortable chair in which to work.

After all, nobody wants to work in the home office with back pain, right?

In this way, gamer chair king appear as a great opportunity for those who spend hours in front of a computer. That's because there are several benefits behind the different models found on the market.

Also, did you know that it is possible to find a cheap gaming chair? Read our content and learn about some options that can make your home office as comfortable as possible!