Led Gaming Keyboard Buying Guide for Beginners

For those who work or play exclusively on the computer, realize the incredible benefits of led gaming keyboard, since in addition to offering lower energy consumption. They end up optimizing our activities through their efficient functions.

led gaming keyboard

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After all, what is LED?

First of all, we can define that LED is nothing more than a device capable of emitting light economically and efficiently. In other words, it is a 100% electronic component, which offers visible light, from the transformation of electrical energy into light. Technically, this process is known as electrofluorescence.

Therefore, we can find them in various furniture, decorative items and even state-of-the-art equipment, such as keyboards.

led gaming keyboard: What's the Importance?

The led gaming keyboard we know it as backlight (keyboard with backlight) I very famous in current contexts, especially because new keyboard models are already coming with LED lights in their structures.

For this reason, these keyboards end up being aimed at different audiences, from gamers to entrepreneurs looking for comfort, style and well-being when conducting their business activities.

Therefore, we can see that one of its many advantages is the fact that it is possible to use the computer in completely dark places, since the keyboard has LED luminosity in its structure to guide the hands during any activity. Therefore, it is the most suitable for those who like to play or work in low light at the place.

What is the difference between backlit or LED backlit keyboards?

As subtle as it may seem, there are differences between the placement of lights on keyboards, and with that, there are users who prefer extremely specific lighting models.


Even though the value is relatively higher than traditional keyboards, the cost-effectiveness in this type of equipment can be highly considerable. Even though led gaming keyboard is a costly value at first, it offers a lasting experience with many benefits.

How to find led gaming keyboard?

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In general, when referring to illuminated keyboards, the clarity of each key occurs by the leads that occupy each one of them individually. With that, the light comes out from inside the key, illuminating the letter. However, when referring to LED backlit keyboards, it's the lights that sit between the keys, and there's no internal/individual lighting. They look like “plates” at the bottom of the keyboard.

Buy RGB led gaming keyboard

Have you ever seen a color keyboard or heard of an RGB keyboard? RGB is the acronym for Red, Green and Blue — red, green and blue, the colors common in electronic devices that, when combined, can reach all the others.


An RGB keyboard can have that illumination behind the keys, either individually (on each of the keys) or not.

There are keyboards whose colors can be statically or dynamically customized (even reacting as you use the keyboard). The result is an experience that can be very pleasant for the user, in addition to making your desk much nicer.

But is it easy to use a keyboard like this to type? That's what we'll discuss in this reading.

What is RGB?

As we've already said, RGB is the acronym for Red, Green and Blue (or red, green and blue). These are the primary colors in LED lighting, meaning the ones that are common as the basis to create all the others.

To give you an idea, from these 3 colors it is possible to reach 16 million others. RGB led gaming keyboard have become a sensation in the gaming community above all, understand why

Led gaming keyboard and gamer aesthetics

Anyone who has researched parts to build a gamer computer has certainly come across well-lit and colorful coolers. RGB technology also gains space in cabinets, video cards and other components. The result is machines that make a visual impact, creating a whole gamer aesthetic.

If you're wondering how the RGB keyboard works, imagine playing a game with the game keys lit and the others off or in a different color?

This can help the player to better understand the game keys, finding them faster, which can create a very interesting experience.

Are led gaming keyboards customizable?


But not every RGB keyboard is customizable. Some, cheaper, have only the set of lighting possibilities provided by the manufacturer, without more advanced options.

But it is not just on keyboards that this technology appears: there are mice and headphones with this feature. Imagine playing in a dark environment with all these items lit. Amazing, isn't it?

Why is RGB technology in computers so successful?

It's not exactly about performance: the LEDs that form colored and illuminated components help to personalize the look of your machine.

Gamers often like to show off their equipment and share opinions about components and settings on the internet.

The use of RGB led gaming keyboard technology, therefore, is closely associated with the aesthetics of these products.

On headsets, RGB lighting can indicate when the microphone is blocked or not. However, on wireless models, players often prefer to turn off the lighting to save battery power. And, of course, all this brings lighting for those who want to play in the dark, making life easier for the player.

led gaming keyboard with feedback

The most common membrane keyboard is a cheaper model. It is called a “membrane” because there is a plastic membrane, like a mat, under the keys.

So when you press a key, it presses the membrane, which sends a message to the computer.

On the mechanical keyboard, each key works independently of the others. Each key has a switch, which is the key that sends this message to the computer.

How does a mechanical keyboard work?

The result is that the mechanical keyboard sends these messages much faster and with much more precision, which can make all the difference for a gamer. The possibility of finding a color keyboard with this technology only makes the gamer setup even more attractive.


Therefore, the color keyboard can be an advantage, but that will depend solely on your profile. If that's the case, be sure to buy a led gaming keyboard.