What are the Common Problems with a Video Game Chair

Video gamers need necessary gaming equipment such as a gaming chair for a remarkable and fatigue-free gaming experience. As a gamer, you would be sitting for hours on the chair playing your favorite games. Regular office chairs are not designed to offer comfort for hours of gameplay. Additionally, a video game chair comes with many unique benefits. These chairs come with features like built-in speakers, cup holders, and improved back support, etc. However, there are still some problems that many video gamers notice about these chairs.

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Common Problems with a “Normal” Video Game Chair

Before buying a gaming chair, every person needs to know if a gaming chair is comfortable for long gaming hours? Although these chairs are popular, it is still essential to know whether buying these chairs is worth it. Different gamers have noticed some common issues with video gaming chairs. Here, we are talking about a “normal” gaming chair and those that are not top-of-the-line variants of gaming chairs. Therefore, the problems we discuss below are not associated with those advanced gaming chairs.

You may face the below-listed problems if you buy a cheap build, low-quality video game chair:

1. Uncomfortable Seat Side Bolsters

The design of every gaming chair you find in the market would look so impressive. It provides a very comfortable feeling at first glance. A typical gaming chair has minimal padding on the metallic design. You cannot avoid it using your leg, resulting in giving you an incredibly uncomfortable feeling. The middle part of the seat is also not wide enough, making the seat side bolsters feel uncomfortable.

This particular design of a gaming chair is inspired by the design of racing bucket seats. But the problem is that even the professional racers do not sit on those bucket seats for a long time. Bolsters are available on both the chair seat and the backrest, so it creates discomfort during the extended hours of gameplay. However, you can reduce this discomfort by buying a high-end video game chair. But for an advanced gaming chair, you will have to pay more money.

2. Not Compatible with All Body types

This is very much the same thing that we discussed in the previous point. Not every person can avoid the seat side bolsters. The middle part of a game chair creates the real problem because it is not wide enough. It could not have been a significant problem if there was a negligible difference. However, this is how these slim and small gaming chairs are.

Typically, a gaming chair comes with approximately 220 pounds of weight capacity. Several game chairs come even below this weight capacity. Therefore, these chairs are not ideal for people who do not fall under this weight capacity category. If you weigh 220+ pounds and are tall and wide, then these chairs would create discomfort.

3. Limited Adjustability Features

Regular gaming chairs are not ideal in terms of adjustability. To make the playtime more comfortable, you can make a few adjustments that may not be enough. These chairs are limited when it comes to adjustability features. A typical video game chair comes with a standard tilt mechanism that does not offer necessary life features, like a multiple-position lock and forward tilt.

Another adjustability feature missing from regular gaming chairs is the adjustable backrest. Therefore, you cannot adjust the backrest according to different body types. Many game chairs have a slender design, but improved adjustability features could make these gaming chairs comfortable for many people.

The same problem comes with the armrests. Most game chairs come with armrests that are not adjustable. However, some models allow vertical adjustment only. Therefore, the gaming chair brands need to work on improving the adjustability features of their chairs.

4. Poor Lumbar Support

It is the most significant disadvantage that comes with a standard video game chair. Most gaming chairs come with no or poor lumbar support. Instead, they have a cushion that helps you have a proper sitting position. Having a cushion assists in making the chair comfortable, but it is still doesn’t offer appropriate lumbar support to your body.

No or minimal lumbar support means the chair cannot prevent negative medical issues such as chronic pains. Additionally, the cushion provided with the chair also doesn’t remain in place, creating more hassle and discomfort. The makers need to think about it and must come up with appropriate lumbar support.

5. Limiting Your Physical Activity

Proper physical activity, including workouts and outdoor games, is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Long gaming hours spent on a gaming chair have a significant impact on your physical activities. Gamers have gone addicted to such amenities, and it is encouraging a sedentary lifestyle. While sitting on a gaming chair for hours, playing games limits your physical movements, which is a concerning sign for people.

Even office chairs have a design to encourage standing and movement. Therefore, all gaming chair makers must think about it and try to make chair designs to promote activities. It is one of the most important adjustments that we need to see in these chairs.

The Solution!

So, the question is that what could be the solution to the problems we addressed above? We need a video game chair with improved lumbar support, advanced adjustability features, and overall improved comfort. The makers of these chairs must think about how they can fix those issues. However, there are a few advanced gaming chair models on the market with additional features and improved body support. But, you get what you paid for. These chairs are expensive than the regular game chairs and might not meet the budget requirements of everyone.

One solution to such problems is using an ergonomic chair, which we often see in offices. You can consider those chairs as gaming chairs because they are suitable for extended sitting periods than a regular video gaming chair. Moreover, these chairs also encourage body movements to make your gaming sessions comfortable and healthier. It is totally up to you whether you opt for an ergonomic chair or still need a gaming chair.