5 Tips for Choosing the Best PC Gaming Desk

As an avid gamer, you will agree that gaming has always been an involving activity. It demands a lot of concentration, vigorousness and drive. When you play games on your PC, you need a perfect base to easily play your favourite games. Since gamers tend to spend plenty of hours playing their favourite PC games, the gaming desk matters a lot. If the gaming desk has an improper height or it wobbles while movement of hands on the desk, all your joy disappears. Besides, the absence of ergonomics can lead to develop aches in your back or arms. You might put an unnecessary stress on your joints and muscles and may not play your favourite games for long. A PC gaming desk is a desk made explicitly to play PC games. Each aspect of the desk strategically supports features that enhance gamers’ gaming experience besides maintaining the ergonomics.

The difference between a regular computer desk and an exclusive PC gaming desk is their functionality. Professional gamers cannot afford to sit in wrong postures and use gaming tables cluttered with wires. If you are a regular gamer, you should take your comfort seriously. You can only experience great times in whichever games you like to play, when you have a proper base. The gaming desk includes extra features, such as integrated LED lights, proper support for USB ports, and cable routing. In addition it provides an amazing ergonomic effect. HopeRacer Ergonomic Gaming Desk – hoperacer.com You might like a simple game or want to entertain yourself with an action-packed 3D Nintendo thriller. A high quality gaming desk will serve you the best.

Finding a suitable gaming desk on which you can organize all your gaming accessories makes a big difference. Whether you want a single or multiple monitor setup for your gaming, you need a desk with enough surface area. In addition, you might need a desk easy to assemble with adequate storage space and adjustability. For your convenience, we are providing below 5 important tips you might like to know before buying a desk for gaming.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Best PC Gaming Desk

1.      Surface Area of Desk for Gaming Setup

As stated above, you should look for a gaming desk which suits your gaming setup. Certainly, if you wish to use multiple big size screens, you still to need to have more proper space.  In addition to the screens, you need to place your keyboard, mouse, speakers and your computer. Many companies design and offer gaming desks in variety of measurements.

Z Shaped Gaming Desk – hoperacer.com  This gaming desk measures 44.5” wide by 24.2” deep, which is a sufficient surface to support a 40 inch screen. Considering the importance of the surface area, good gaming desk manufacturing companies offer three types of gaming desks.

  • Regular/ Standard Gaming Desks

Among all the three types of the gaming desks, the standard gaming desks are not very spacious. However, they have additional features such as a side holder to contain water bottle or a cup, a headphone hook. HopeRacer Ergonomic Gaming Desk – hoperacer.com.

This gaming desk contains a cup holder, contains holes for better cable management, and a headphone hook. Its design lets the user reach anything with ease. A Bluetooth device hooks and storage space for speakers makes it a multifunctional gaming desk.

  • L-Shaped Gaming Desks

You can conveniently fit them in the corner of a room. They provide enough freedom to move your hands besides containing space to place the gaming equipment.

  • U-Shaped Gaming Desks

They are not much common as compared to the regular or L-shaped gaming desks. They are best choice for gamers who have multiple gears as well as greater area to place the tables.

2.      Storage Capacity

You won’t want messing up with unnecessary gadgets or equipment lying on the surface of your PC gaming desk. An additional storage space is very handy because you can keep extra cables, games, controllers, peripherals, and headsets. Some desks contain built-in holders for headphones and cups, drawers, and charging docks. With all such storage spaces, you can save your floor space for other use. However, you should take it into account that storage requirements vary for gamers according to their games’ setup.

The more a desk contains storage capacity, the more it becomes convenient for the user to clear clutter. The ease in managing congestion reflects neatness and the desk looks more organized.

3.      Adjustability

This is one huge point of consideration. Regular gaming desks have a height of 20 – 35 inches approximately. If you feel that the place is uneven, look for the gaming desks that add Crossbars and Struts, which make the desk more stable. HopeRacer Ergonomic Gaming Desk – hoperacer.com The adjustable legs of Hoperacer’s gaming desk can withstand the uneven floor to provide the user more comfort. With an adjustable desk, you can sit comfortably and enjoy playing games for long hours.

4.      Material Quality

The gaming desk materials vary. You can find PC gaming desk in steel, wooden, glass, or PVC material.

  • PVC gaming desks are comparatively cheaper and easy to set up. They are also water resistant. However, if your equipment is heavy, then it might not withstand the weight for long.
  • Glass gaming desk does look stylish, but contains the risk of fragility. Besides, the glass gaming desk is prone to dirt and expensive too.
  • Some gamers want wooden gaming desks because of their elegance. Good wooden gaming desks are made from solid hardwood. However, the hardwood material is heavier and costlier. It is only good for you if are good with its price and manage to move it yourself easily. Some affordable wooden gaming desks are made of pine or oak. Pine is softer and cheaper than hardwood. The pine gaming desk is easier to assemble too.
  • A solid alternative is metal gaming desk. It is naturally more durable. However, some gamers prefer to have a PC gaming desk which is a mixture of PVC and metal. The table top is made of PVC fiber and the rest of supporting frame is made from steel. These desks are portable. HopeRacer Ergonomic Gaming Desk – hoperacer.com

5.      Cost

You should have a clear mindset of what you are buying. The potential cost of a gaming desk depends upon the material it uses. In the market, you can find all sorts of gaming desks ranging from $100 to $600. An average PC gamer should go for an affordable desk.


The best PC gaming desk should be multifunctional. HopeRacer Ergonomic Gaming Desk – hoperacer.com it should contain all the features of an affordable desk which enhances your gaming experience. The surface area, storage capacity, holding hooks and drawers, cable management, and adjustability along with material all matter. In the end, the best gaming desk definitely comes with a price. If you have the budget, you can enjoy an expensive desk. If you want a good experience in low cost, we have provided you with details of economical gaming desks too.